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Dear users!

09/14/2021, at 09:00 Moscow time, the program "WEIGHT REGULATION" STARTS!

This is a complex of psychotechnical procedures, which is a new product of the evolution of "INNEIRO".

It covers three main tasks:
1. Regulation of body weight.
2. Reducing the potential of chronic inflammatory processes in the female and male genital area.
3. "Burning" of irrational, obsessive and anxious states of consciousness and RPID (Destructive Reality Interpretation Programs), that is, distorted representations and interpretations of what is happening, preventing you from setting goals and fulfilling your life plans.
The basis of the program "WEIGHT REGULATION" is the method and technology "INNEIRO", as a way of correcting mental and functional states of a person. This method uses an intelligent computer system (any of your individual devices) and relates to preventive medicine, therapy, and physiology.

The texts and symbols of the program affect the necessary archetypes of the unconscious and:
1. Split them;
2. Devalue their negative part;
3. They remove from the unconscious the emotional components that suppress your Ego.
4. Extraction of target attitudes (tasks for oneself) from archetypes and transform the unconscious into an image / idea;
5. They release psychic energy from archetypes.

Released under the influence of the program, the psychic energy of archetypes is converted into the energy of nerve impulses. The energy of nerve impulses, in turn, changes all the internal states of the person himself, giving rise to new emotions, feelings, reflexes of purpose, thoughts and material processes inside the human body (organism). These changes trigger both external energy and material processes in the external environment surrounding a person.

We hope that the "WEIGHT REGULATION" program will serve as an excellent tool for correcting your physical condition!