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COVID, the experience of severe conditions, "the city after the rain".

The experience of severe conditions with COVID disease has shown how all the diseases he has suffered manifest themselves simultaneously in the human body. Moreover, diseases suffered even in early childhood.
Thus, a disease cured at the level of matter (living matter) and material metabolic processes continues to exist at the level of information, like an information virus.
It is waiting for the moment to be realized when the body weakens, using, among other things, the energy of fear of death and panic states, to reproduce in the structure of the energy top (soliton).
This soliton has a directed effect on the physical nature of the body and transmits all the signs of the disease on a material level, as a horror movie is broadcast on a cinema screen using images and electricity.
Now I want to quote the words of my great compatriot, MD, Professor Yuri Markovich Levin, the founding father of endoecological medicine. This is a branch of restorative medicine, which provides for the purification of the entire body at the level of vital activity of cells and intercellular space.
"As the rain that has poured from the sky onto the cluttered city blocks washes away and carries garbage and dirt into the sewer, revitalizing and renewing the habitat of citizens, so the artificial rain in the depths of our body heals the habitat of cells. In a purified environment, they begin to breathe and work better, the body copes with diseases faster."
These words of Yuri Markovich can be applied with full confidence to our programs "INNEIRO" and "WEIGHT REGULATION".
Only this life-giving shower pours in our spheres of consciousness and unconsciousness. It washes away all the mucus and dirt of malicious information viruses accumulated by us and cleanses the soul, mind and body of a person with a powerful flow of fresh energy.
Therefore, the body in a purified information and field environment sheds the shackles of its long-term illusions, "remembers" about its problems, diseases and begins to process them anew, treat and correct. Only not only on the material and physical, but also on the energy-informational level, eradicating forever.

Let's talk about the consequences of COVID for humans.
According to numerous observations, both in the "Red Zones" and in the process of rehabilitation of patients, the following side factors critical to human health have been identified:
1. simultaneous manifestation and exacerbation of all chronic diseases present at the time of infection (even childhood diseases). Moreover, in some cases it leads to tissue necrosis and deaths.
There is a reasonable assumption that during such an exacerbation, normal tissue apoptosis (an energy-dependent process by which unwanted and defective cells of the body are removed) decreases and gives way to active necrosis (tissue death) without replacing defective cells with healthy ones.
2. It is for this reason that cancer alertness significantly increases in patients with COVID, that is, the likelihood of developing oncological diseases increases. This is due to the fact that with a decrease in apoptosis, uncontrolled accumulation of cells occurs, which leads to tumor growth.

3. COVID "hits the brain." That is, one of the targets of the virus are the cells of our brain. This affects the sense of smell, memory, attention and cognitive (cognitive) abilities.
Smells and tastes disappear, problems with memorization arise, memory lapses appear, thinking becomes difficult, anxious tense states arise, fears that turn into neuroses, tantrums and depression.
Analytical abilities and self-control decrease, critical thinking and behavior change.
The defeat of the neocortex nerve cells (new cerebral cortex) in COVID leads to the rupture of neural connections, complete or partial loss of skills (often of a long-term nature), as well as to a slowdown and loss of the quality of thought processes.
The defeat of the cells of the hippocampal formation (which we have turned into the archicortex, the ancient cortex that we inherited from the lower chordates) leads to a violation of the functions of memory and attention management.
In addition, the neurons of the direction of the head, the neurons of the lattice, the neurons of the border and the neurons of speed suffer. That is, a person loses the ability to memorize, becomes inattentive and loses his spatial orientation to varying degrees.
Further… We humans are microsmatics, that is, we have a poorly developed sense of smell.
4. COVID leads to frequent disruption and deep breakdowns of the perceptual (perceiving) function of smell, as well as to a violation of the perceptual function of taste sensitivity. This is due to damage to the areas of the brain responsible for the sense of smell and the corresponding nerves (intermediate, V-th pair of cranial nerves, IX-th pair of cranial nerves).
In case of violation of taste perception, there is a decrease or absence of taste sensitivity. There are often cases when taste and olfactory perception are distorted.
5. COVID "hits the sexual sphere". This is due to the sometimes irreversible restructuring in the system of diffuse neuroimmune endocrine regulation.
6. In addition, COVID causes many pathophysiological responses, with more pronounced and deep breakdowns than banal respiratory infections.
And now imagine! A living being loses at the same time the ability to navigate, smell, remember and respond adequately and in a timely manner to the objects and events surrounding it. That is, he loses his natural survival skills!
What's happening?
- That's right! An alarm occurs. The limit voltage of all states. Psychosis. Panic attacks. Feeling insecure. The desire for privacy. Conflict. Tantrums. Inability to concentrate. Difficulties in making decisions. Hypercontrol. Twilight state of consciousness.
And what is behind all this?
- That's right! FEAR!
The archaic fear of being hunted, wounded, killed, littered with stones, drowned in a river, burned in lava, trampled, eaten, deprived of prey, food and hungry.
All this "covers" a person, taking possession of his thoughts, his behavior and actions. AND it is THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE GLOBAL STRESS OF FUNCTIONAL AND PHYSICAL STATES.
And with the global stress of states, the functions of protection and self-regulation weaken. And energy-informational structures, tops - solitons of all old diseases (even childhood diseases) begin to awaken. The ones we wrote about at the beginning.
What's happening?
And there are violations at the level of matter (cells and organs). The paleocortex (the second after the archicortex, the ancient, "animal" cortex of the brain, storing reflexes and instincts responsible for survival) is excited and tries to find tools to compensate and replace lost abilities.
There is an appeal to the memory of the biosphere through the unconscious (right hemisphere of the neocortex).
The unconscious begins to spontaneously give out primordial animal behavior.
There is an uncontrolled "animal self-identification", that is, werewolf as a defense (we have a separate article about this).
But there are no appropriate replacement tools (due to the peculiarities of our biological species – we do not have wings, gills, Velcro, regeneration of organs and limbs, poisons or fangs). And then the same archaic FEAR manifests itself, which leads to the consequences described earlier.
What does the program do?
The program gives a specific payload to the brain:
1. Causes regeneration and restoration of lost tissues and neural connections.
2. Forms new neural connections of a new quality.
3. Significantly enhances the energy of all processes occurring in the brain, improves the acuity and quality of reactions.
4. By enhancing energy, it also enhances blood supply, and, consequently, the rate of natural regenerative reactions in brain tissues.
5. The unconscious is taken under control, "animal identifications" are exhausted and displaced. Instincts return to their place, and the psyche calms down.
6. Productive primordial elements, etc., responsible for constructive interaction with the body and the outside world, begin to be extracted from the unconscious. There is a restoration of the correct internal guidelines, thought processes, memory and behavioral reactions.
7. Stress levels of functional and mental states are reduced. A person acquires the ability to self-regulate.

The informational and field environment of the body is being cleansed and begins to re-process, treat and correct energy-informational tops-solitons of old problems and diseases, eradicating them at the energy-informational and material level by those enormous forces that are embedded by nature and evolution in the physiology of the human brain and are revealed using the programs "INNEIRO" and "WEIGHT REGULATION".