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Targets and neural connections

Consciousness is able to reflect and use the phenomena of the surrounding world to build models of individual human reality.
The INNEIRO program makes this process more efficient.
The human world is represented in the sphere of the unconscious through various archetypes* - prototypes.
Archetypes form the basis for the deployment of semantic forms of consciousness and all our life processes.
They contain targets that carry our "tasks for ourselves". With the help of the "INNEIRO" program, the target settings needed by a person turn into impulses that awaken the actual old ones and form new neural connections.
The INNEIRO program is a simulator of human consciousness, which contains images of target installations, as well as all the rules and means to enhance the function of a "filter" and a "builder" for our consciousness.

Consciousness is a fundamental "creative" system in nature. It can instantly expand, covering vast areas of space and time, reflect objects, phenomena and processes of the surrounding world.

It can use everything that consciousness reflects to build models of a person's individual reality.

However, individual consciousness is formed in a social environment through communication, education and training. And the main evolutionary tool of communication and information exchange between people is speech, language.

Therefore, human consciousness does not exist without symbols, speech and text.
In the unconscious sphere, the world is presented to a person through various archetypes* - prototypes.
These primordial images have been accumulated in the collective unconscious for all 1.5 million years of human evolution. They form the basis for the deployment of semantic forms of consciousness, our thought processes, desires, motives, actions, decisions and all our life processes.
In other words, our unconscious contains images of targets that carry our "tasks for ourselves" and "readiness" to achieve some specific results with the help of thought and action.
These targets can be good and bad. And the symbols of "good and bad" targets can affect the neural network of the brain spontaneously or with the participation of consciousness.
It is better for you and me if this influence takes place with the participation of consciousness. Then we control our thoughts, emotions, regulate mental and functional states, control our body, our life processes and circumstances.
That is, by controlling our target settings in the unconscious, we build our reality in which events do not happen to a greater extent, but occur.
When the target settings "come out of the unconscious," they turn into impulses. These impulses activate old or form new neural connections.
When the target installation, under the influence of some reasons and circumstances, begins to form neural connections, it performs a selective regulatory function in relation to us.
And when consciousness participates in this process, it performs a controlling function. Consciousness works as a filter. It does not allow a "bad target installation" to guide us, but allows only a good and useful target installation to the neural network.
It is always better for a person when these influences take place with the participation of consciousness involved in deciphering and reproducing these target settings responsible for our thoughts, emotions and desires.
Thus, the function of their conscious reproduction, as received information, is performed by consciousness. And this process always proceeds according to certain rules of symbolic construction.
The INNEIRO program is, in fact, a unique simulator of human consciousness, which contains images of target installations, the whole set of rules of symbolic construction and means of enhancing the function of the "filter" for our consciousness.
During the operation of the INNEIRO program, the unconscious internal symbols of archetypes become ordered symbols of target installations.
The first screen "INNEIRO" is responsible for this.
The second screen is responsible for the symbolic construction of life processes.
The third screen performs specific functions of "embedding" individual consciousness into the surrounding world and collective consciousness for the realization of life processes.
The construction of the working configurations of the three screens of the INNEIRO program, as well as their sequences in the program cycles, are individual for each user. They are determined by the indicators of the Stress Test of the States that the user passes at the beginning of each cycle. The program cycle is 21 days.
The archetype* is a primordial image localized in the unconscious sphere and forms the basis for the deployment of the semantics of consciousness.