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Frequently asked questions

The material world constantly strives to submit you to its factors - environmental, social, physical, chemical, economic, financial, etc.

The technocratic civilization created by human. Which gave birth to the consumer society. Exerts an excessive pressure not only on the surrounding nature as a habitat, but also on the nature of the consciousness of man himself, creating an anthropological crisis.

To overcome this crisis, it is necessary to create a special system of self-regulation for a human. This self-regulation should be based on the archetypes and target settings of the unconscious in the corresponding graphic and text symbols of world culture.

Such a technique will be able to form special cultural incentives that awaken human consciousness in order to combine it with information, energy and material resources and capabilities.

The idea of creating such a system of individual self-regulation appeared in «INNEIRO».

The «INNEIRO» program is, on the one hand, a huge long-term work that has united the efforts of several scientific directions. On the other hand, this is the World's first real opportunity for a person to significantly increase the likelihood of favorable events in his life and to resist negative factors, making full use of the resources and inexhaustible possibilities of his consciousness.

While you using the program, you will feel the changes in all areas of your life. But for each person it happens individually, in different ways. However, so that good things do not happen in your life, it will be, first of all, your merit, including as a person who used an effective tool for his achievements - Inneiro.

You must understand that Inneiro does not create events! Events are created by you! And Inneiro helps you in this, harmoniously integrating your individual life world into the World Space around you and making you not an object of influence of its events and phenomena, but their subject and a full participant. But Inneiro, like any global process, takes time and regularity of its use!

A human needs to constantly make his life processes regulated and manageable.

Therefore, Inneiro puts in the hands of your consciousness a control semantic dynamics that helps to realize each life process with the greatest efficiency, without harming either yourself or others.

How «INNEIRO» works is based on your natural reactions to graphic and speech symbols associated with images of the unconscious. These images carry the goals that predetermine our entire life. When we think and perceive reality, we always translate the observed, reproduced or imagined material physical process into a mental one, and vice versa. «INNEIRO» adjusts your states associated with the perception of reality, using images embedded in the common human speech and sign culture. And then they turn your already tuned mental process into physical action and material embodiment. This «INNEIRO» effect covers all areas of your life. At the same time, one of the main tasks of the program is to help you in co-tuning your states with positive prospects for solving your actual life tasks. Your thoughts, feelings, ideas remain products of your individual consciousness, and are not formed by the program. Moreover, «INNEIRO» protects you from «unauthorized» information and mental influences. The important thing is that «INNEIRO» helps you to select from your own large «storehouse of goals» in the unconscious the «ingredients» that allow you to create constructive thoughts, positive feelings and fruitful life processes. The ones that fit the best «recipe» for your life world. Thus, «INNEIRO» helps you create your own unique recipe for the world of life and put everything you need «in the pot», and on time and at the same time «do not overdo it».

The using of the «INNEIRO» program does not carry any risks to human health or mind. Moreover, the program was created as a tool for psychophysical protection of human health and psyche from external influences and risks. It is precisely aimed at ensuring that we with you will become full subjects of our life world, productively interacting with our consciousness, organism and surrounding reality. This program combines the idea of psychophysical self-regulation through speech culture and graphic symbolism with the features of meditative practices studied by modern science for stimulating thinking, vigorous activity and recovery.

The possibilities of self-regulation are inherent in every person, but they must be revealed. This is what the program does. It helps to reveal your own strengths and capabilities, as well as to feel, maintain and regulate the balances of your body, your work and material processes, your relationships with people and your personal growth. Therefore, «INNEIRO» cannot harm you in any way. Moreover, in the process of research, all texts and images have passed special safety testing.

The world of each person is a projection of a part of his unconscious onto the surrounding world. Therefore, the entire mental life of a person is the interaction of consciousness with the unconscious. This is the basis of all life processes, motives, goals and capabilities of a person. And the violation of this interaction or its inferiority is the root cause of problems, failures, conflicts, diseases and a person's inability to realize their ideas, desires, to show their individuality and build their harmonious life world. The ancient streaming consciousness, which is «frozen» in modern man, is responsible for the «linking» of consciousness with the unconscious.

Firstly, «INNEIRO» restarts your streaming consciousness and re-establishes your connection with the unconscious.

Secondly, «INNEIRO» takes into account your individual test conditions. Then it helps you to bring those images and goals out of the unconscious to the level of thought processes that correspond to your current life processes. Therefore, for each user, «INNEIRO» is an individual program that covers all states and areas of life and is implemented in every life process.

Third, «INNEIRO» «dissolves» and eliminates fears «living» in the unconscious, mental trauma, complexes, irrational states and other negative attitudes, preventing their accidental splash into the human neural network. That is why the program is so effective in getting rid of depression, anxiety and depression, addictions, panic attacks and more.

Finally, fourthly, «INNEIRO» releases archetypes and cryptotypes - deep images of the unconscious, which, like a genome, store in encrypted form the entire experience of human development. This process is accompanied by the release of great psychic energy, an increase in the activity and motivational forces of a person. Therefore, the program is successfully used against stress, chronic fatigue, nervous exhaustion, lack of initiative, apathy, procrastination and similar individual problems of a modern person.

Thus, the «INNEIRO» program is aimed at self-regulation by a person of his psychophysiological, functional states and optimization of all life processes. And it works because the program is based on a rigorous scientific method.

It is better to use «INNEIRO» all your life. Enjoy it and get results! You yourself will not want to part with it and will actively participate in its evolution with us. Yes, Inneiro is constantly evolving. It is huge in its capabilities, like life itself and full of interesting proposals. Therefore, we are confident that the «INNEIRO» program will be appreciated by you and will become part of your individual culture. Moreover, it reproduces the most natural processes for a person, such as contemplation of beautiful things, the sea, sky, fire by the fireplace, playing solitaire, dreaming that has not yet cooled from your sleep, reading poetry... It is important to understand that all positive results and achievements in our lives have a cumulative effect. And therefore they need constant reinforcement so as not to deplete and not lose their properties. Our body has muscle memory, but if we stop taking care of ourselves and exercise regularly, we will lose our shape. Loss of activity, form or mental balance can be compared to returning to a smoky metropolis after a seaside holiday or switching to fast food after a healthy lifestyle. Consciousness is also able to recover, but for health, success and well-being, we need to keep it in a “working” state all the time. You will soon realize that to love «INNEIRO» means to see and love life in a new way in all its colors, possibilities and manifestations!

«INNEIRO» is recommended to be used daily. This can be done in the morning, afternoon or evening. You will spend about 15 minutes for one daily session of the program. This is the time the program passes through the main session. If you wish, you can spend more time with «INNEIRO» or return to the program again during the day. But we recommend that you devote no more than 45 minutes a day to this.

In any case, a 15-minute session will be necessary and sufficient to regulate your states every day, adjust correctly, overcome problems, stress and change your life to better.

Yes, such studies do exist. In addition, we do not interrupt our research so that «INNEIRO» expands its arsenal of possibilities. The safety and effectiveness of the program is confirmed by: publications of three certified state universities: KUBGU (Kuban State University), FSBEI HE “Kuban State Agrarian University named after I.T. Trubilin", Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Sochi State University" (SSU). Research materials on the program were presented at the Scientific and Practical Conference of the Ministry of Economy of the Krasnodar Territory in November 2017. Scientific articles and the results of scientific and practical research on the program were published in the collection "INCREASING LABOR PRODUCTIVITY AS A STRATEGIC FACTOR OF COMPETITIVENESS" on October 18-19, 2017 and in periodicals of the Higher Attestation Commission (Higher Attestation Commission). You can find all these materials on the website.

In addition, there is a large number of positive reviews about the results of using the program. However, we understand that people's private opinions are based on their subjective experience and assessment. We believe that only the results obtained under the conditions of research work carried out within the framework of the generally accepted scientifically grounded methodology can be recognized as proven. We have carried out and continue to carry out these studies with state universities and institutions of the sanatorium profile. You can find the results of these studies and published articles in the heading of our scientific materials.

Yes, we renamed the «Creators» program to «INNEIRO». This decision was made because the program entered the international level and significantly expanded its functionality. «INNEIRO» as a more understandable word for foreign users has become the registered international name of the program. In the program «Creators» all the initial ideas and plans were not fully implemented, especially in terms of the development of the human neural network. But we are not standing still. Now there are new tools and opportunities to implement all this in the new version of «INNEIRO», which significantly differs from «Creators» in algorithms, visualization tools, graphics, content and functionality.

The program does not bring any risks and can be used by people with mental disorders. However, in severe cases such as bipolar personality disorder, schizophrenia, epilepsy, age-related mental disorders (dementia, Parkinson's disease). We recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor before using the program.

We draw your attention to the fact that according to the results of scientific and practical work, the program is recommended by the Sochi State University and the Regional Anapa Resort Association "ARKA" for the prevention and complex treatment of depression, stress and borderline states, increased anxiety, various forms of addiction, neuroses, and with neurological rehabilitation. The possibilities of the program in the rehabilitation of patients after injuries, strokes and cerebral ischemia are being investigated.